Pastor's Conference Training Series

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Our first pastors conferences were presented in November of 2010, both in Cap Haitien, Haiti and in La Vega, Dominican Republic! (See Mission Hispaniola 2010). In 2011, by God's grace, we presented pastors conferernces in each of these locations again. In 2012 we presented our third pastors conference in Cap Haitien and a smaller conference to group of Baptist pastors in Grand Riviere du Nord, Haiti. In 2013 we presented another conference in Cap Haitien.

Our conference teaching has included: Biblical church leadership, Shepherding lessons from Peter's writings, Hermeneutics (the principles of Scripture interpretation), homeletics, Pastoral lessons drawn from Christ's Upper Room Discourse (John 13-17), etc.

By request, and by God's grace, in 2014 we will minister a couples retreat for pastors (of Northern Haiti) and their wives. Our teaching for this retreat will focus on the Bible's instruction pertaining to marraige and family and on personal holiness.

Opportunities to give and help with these conferences include:

  • Giving monitarily for the purchase of French and Spanish MacArthur Study Bibles, and other French and Spanish theological resources.
  • Giving monitarily for the meals which are served to the pastors and church leaders who attendance at the conferences.
  • Helping to translate conference teaching material from English into French/Creole and Spanish.
  • Praying that God would use these conferences to be very effective and encouraging in the ministries of the church leaders who come
  • Airfare contributons to help the visiting pastors who will be teaching at the conferences, to fly to and from the Caribbean.
Thomas Herrera