Bible Training Centre for Pastors

After three years of faithful teaching, studies and discipleship, Pastor Maxis Michel (Grand Riviere du Nord, Haiti) and his 22 students (in both pictures above), had their formal graduation, from the Bible Training Centre for Pastors/Leaders (BTCP) program, on September 28, 2013 (see home page graduation picture). The BTCP program consists of 10 theological manuals with the needed basic instruction/training for church leaders, e.g. Bible Study Methods & Interpretation, Old Testment Survey, New Testament Survey, Bible Doctrine Survey, Preaching Biblical Messages & Pastoral Ministry, etc. Pastors of the Caribbean purchases these manuals from the BTCP headquarters in Tucker, Georgia for US$10.00 each. They are then flown for us to Haiti by Missionary Flights International, out of Fort Pierce, Florida.

Pastor Maxis is scheduled to teach a new group of 30 men through the BTCP program starting in early 2014! In addition to training men from his own church through the 2-3 year program, Maxis invites other pastors to send him their men for this church leadership training, and several do!

With the help of Maxis, and by God's grace, Pastors of the Caribbean has begun its effort to also establish a BTCP program in Port de Paix, Haiti, for about 25 men.  We have already identified and met with a faithful pastor of Port de Paix, to teach the manuals as does Pastor Maxis in Grand Riviere du Nord.

Pastors of the Caribbean still needs to receve additional donated funds, to purchase the manuals, before the BTCP program can start in Port de Paix.

Thomas Herrera