Assisting Theological Training Centers

At present, Pastors of the Caribbean (POTC) assists two different theological training centers in Haiti. Brother Thomas Herrera (POTC  president) serves on the board of directors of the Bible Institute of Grand Goave (BIGG), Haiti, a.k.a. More Than Bread (  POTC is working with the Bible Institute of Grand Goave to help provide training conferences, for pastors and church leaders, in and around Grand Goave, e.g., together we have completed a four-part training series on Biblical Eldership. As a result of this series: more students have come to study theology at BIGG, church leaders have been trained who are not able to enroll at BIGG, and local church leaders are continuing to learn about and study on their own, biblical eldership. (Often times in Haiti, churches are not autonomous and are not led by a plurality of elders). Presently there are about 40 students studying in the four-year training program of BIGG.

Another theological training ministry which POTC is helping is, Faculte de Teologie pour la Mission Integral de l'Eglise (FATHEMIE). They are training over 100 students spread out at three different locations, i.e., Port-au-Prince, Mirebalais (Central Plateau), and at Romeo (North Coast). Since 2013 POTC has been providing visiting instructors to teach modular theology classes to the students of FATHEMIE, e.g., hermeneutics, systematic theology, contemporary theology, and the Book of Hebrews. POTC has also been providing FATHEMIE with theology books, workbooks, French MacArthur Study Bibles and New Testament commentaries.

Thomas Herrera